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GHOST HIGHWAYS is the second of the Midnight Street Anthologies. The first was JOURNEYS INTO DARKNESS, still available from Amazon and other sources.

GHOST HIGHWAYS contains 12 previously unpublished stories and a further 3 reprinted stories, (one of which is a completely revised version), from some of the most exciting and proven masters of the genre, including Ramsey Campbell, Simon Clark, Ralph Robert Moore, Ray Cluley, Thana Niveau and many more.  Paul Finch has written an introduction that sets the scene perfectly for what is to come.

The themes relate to ghost highways in the fullest, often oblique, sense. In his introduction, Paul Finch reflects that: "Roads aren’t just roads. They’re metaphors for journeys – journeys through life, journeys towards death, journeys we personally have made, journeys we’d like to make or dread making, journeys that others have made".

But there is another aspect to these stories: that of the haunting residue; ghosts in all their various interpretations. The characters are haunted in some way, often in subtle ways. The nightmares that haunt them are often baleful, leaving the protagonists trapped within the fates they have invoked.

Each story has an illustrated introductory page that suggests the mood of what is to come, tempting the reader into whatever nightmarish world the author has created.

GHOST HIGHWAYS is the most ambitious project that Midnight Street Press has launched so far. The Editor, Trevor Denyer, previously edited two critically acclaimed magazines: 'Roadworks' and 'Midnight Street', and the essence of those magazines is distilled in these Midnight Street Anthologies. There is subtlety, augmented by an impending or ongoing horror, and a focus on character that creates unease and ultimately, a full blown, terrifying denouement, often not immediately obvious, but always unsettling.

GHOST HIGHWAYS is a unique journey along highways that will transport the reader to places -  outside the comfort of home, of the cosy armchair - where demons in their many forms, hold sway.